spring spirits

where the central idea revolves around the visual and energetic phenomena of nyc’s spring explosion and the emotional representation of the energies and how those affected me and engage me in the act of seeing. How I experienced a sense of inner peace and connection with the larger world during these interactions. I wanted to create artworks that recreated this feelings.

Spring Spirit I  Acrylic on canvas 36 inches x 48 inches, 2011  Spring Spirit II Acrylic on canvas 30 inches x 40 inches, 2011  Spring Spirit III Acrylic on canvas 30 inches x 40 inches, 2011  Spring Spirit IV Acrylic and oil pastels on cardboard 18 inches x 24 inches, 2011

Spring Spirit V Acrylic and oil pastels on cardboard 18 inches x 24 inches, 2011  Spring Spirit VI Encaustic, oil, rice paper on watercolor paper and wood<br />
8 inches x 8 inches, 2011  Spring Spirit VII watercolor and ink on Fabriano paper, 9.5 inches x 12.5<br />
inches, 2011  Spring Spirit VIII watercolor and ink on Fabriano paper, 9.5 inches x 12.5<br />
inches, 2011