Creating art is like an open door. Once you walk through it, a journey begins”

My artwork encourages and challenges me to search for what lies beyond what we can see. It creates a bridge that connects the boundaries between art, spiritual awareness and imagination.I work in different mediums because they offer a wider range of possibilities to expressideas and some specific ideas may be better suited to one specific medium. I often feel thatthe ideas are what dictate the mediums to be used. They all complement each other, so I believe it’s good not to be intimidated by the fact that it may be unknown territory and to enjoy the exploration and possibilities each medium offers.

I try to combine disparate elements while also discovering new imaginary spaces that reference an archetypal entrance into the subconscious. My artworks do not try to tell the viewer what to see, instead they are meant to become a personalized dreamscape for the viewer, an enveloping labyrinth to enter and travel through, wherein the viewer experiences his or her own recollections and thoughts through association and memory.

As an artist I’m driven to explore and illuminate these places. Through my imagination and intuition, I think of making art on a journey with the painting while it is being created.

I attempt to speak of my personal experience as well as that of others, so that when the viewer enters a painting he or she understands and finds it familiar.